April 1, 2008

This is not an April fools day joke

That's it... I quit! I'm no longer going to be doing this blog... Just kidding.

Seriously, though. I started this blog to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences, and to have some fun. And I'm doing that. What I wasn't expecting was getting as many visitors as I'm getting. And, even more surprising is the traffic I'm getting from Google™. The search for "Making your own gray card" accounts for almost 65% of all my traffic from Google
™ and searching for "beauty dish" on Google™ my post Make Your Own Beauty Dish comes up on the 4th page. The traffic isn't anything close to what David gets at Stobist but it's decent.

My idea was to eventually switch the blog over to my site www.imageguy.com and move the sales page for my gray cards to an internal page. My thinking for doing this so soon, is if I wait too long to switch the blog to imageguy.com I might not be able to regain the
Google rankings once the posts are moved over. So, my plan is simple. I'm going to install Wordpress on imageguy.com. Make the blog look pretty, move all my old posts over and start blogging on the new site. Simple! Right? We'll see!

If anyone has any experience with Wordpress or has done something like this before PLEEAASE give me any advice or help you can in the comments. I want to do this as quickly as possible, and having no experience with something like this I don't know how long it will take.

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