March 16, 2008

Make Your Own Beauty Dish

Beauty Dish 01
Here is what you need to make a simple beauty dish; white plastic bowl, foam board, zip-ties (zap straps), aluminum tape

Beauty Dish 02
Trace around the front of your flash. Make sure it is centered on the bottom of the bowl.

Beauty Dish 03
Make 2 diagonal cuts to make the flaps

Beauty Dish 04
Fold the flaps back 90º.
(Trick - once the flaps are cut, fill your sink with hot water from the tap, let the bottom of the bowl sit in the hot water for about 5 min. to heat up the plastic making it easier to fold back)

Beauty Dish 05
Check to see how your flash fits.

Beauty Dish 06
Front view of fit.

Beauty Dish 07
Draw circle on foam board, about 1/2 the diameter of the bowl.

Beauty Dish 08
Apply aluminum tape on other side of foam board, making sure the aluminum tape covers a larger area than the circle on the other side.

Beauty Dish 09
Cut out circle with sharp box cutter knife.

Beauty Dish 10
Cut slits just big enough for the zip-ties to fit through every 90º.

Beauty Dish 11
Bend the zip-ties (you'll see why)

Beauty Dish 12
Insert zip-ties through the holes you cut into the circle so the bends in the zip-ties face outward (radiating from the circle)

Beauty Dish 13
Front view

Beauty Dish 14
Cut slits into the plastic bowl just big enough for the zip ties to fit through every 90º
(Trick - you might have to insert a small flathead screwdriver into the slits to stretch them just enough to get the zip-ties through, the zip-ties should be held in place by the friction from the slits)

Beauty Dish 15
This is how it looks finished.

Beauty Dish 16
With an omni-bounce on the flash.

Beauty Dish 17
Front view.

Beauty Dish 18
Illuminated (with omni-bounce on flash).

Beauty Dish 19
I might not be beautiful, but the light from the beauty dish looks good!

Any questions or comments please post them in the comments.


Jean-François said...

Why did you use an omnibounce in your beauty dish?

And completely out of topic but I completely digg your wood tabletop.

Michael Zahora said...

@jean-francois - I used an omnibounce as a starting point. I knew that the light would be very even. I will be experimenting without the omnibounce and different center reflectors to see what the light looks like.

From what I understand, the table is made from reclaimed wood from an old ski chalet.

Leonard Knight said...

Love the design. Very easy and clean.

One modification I would suggest; instead of letting friction hold the wire ties in place, cut the end off another tie and slide it over the end under the bowl lip nice and tight then trim off the excess.