March 9, 2008

Weekend from Heck

My internet connection has been a bit slow for the last few days, but that happens. Then, the connection got VERY slow (almost a minute for to load). WTF? I called tech support for my ISP and they were about as helpful as... well, they weren't any help at all. I didn't have one of their wireless router/modems so they would not help me. A hardwired connection worked fine, but wireless didn't. So, off I went to get a new wireless router. I ended up buying the Apple Airport Extreme base station. Within half an hour (unwrapping and reading the included manual) I was back up and running at faster than previous speed. YIPPIE!

What I really like about the Airport Extreme is I can keep my network secure (not giving out my security settings) and allow client access for a 24 hour period. That's kinda cool.

The other issue I am currently working on is recovering images I shot prior to my switch to Mac. It seems that about 90% of the images I shot in my studio in Toronto that I saved on my PC's hard drive and on CD's are not able to be opened on my Mac (Not the right kind of file). they worked fine on my old PC. I gotta figure out how to save them so my Mac can read them. If you know of a solution please let me know.

I'll be continuing with my "30 Days using Aperture 2" series in a day or so.

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